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Adult Industry Merchant Accounts

The adult industry faces increased pressures from underwriters and banks when it comes to getting providers of credit card payment solutions. This is because the industry is considered as high risk business due to controversial content and restrictions for legal age associated with this business. For this reason, getting a long term and stable solution that enables businesses in the adult industry to accept credit cards is not easy.

We have the best adult merchant accounts

We specialize in providing the best credit card processing solutions to high risk merchants. Our adult merchant accounts are designed for businesses that deal in adult toys, adult DVDs and adult content websites. We know that getting a merchant account for your adult business might have been difficult because the number of accredited credit card processors has been dwindling over the recent years. However, you do not have to settle for substandard credit card processing solution for your legitimate business. We have a solution that will enable you to increase conversions, repeat purchasing and ensure protection for your online business against fraud. Affordable adult merchant accounts

The decreasing number of accredited providers of quality adult merchant accounts has seen the fee of these accounts increase exponentially. Some of these providers are not offering the kind of payment processing services that you actually want.

Our adult merchant accounts have features that make them suitable for your adult business. Our adult merchant accounts do not have volume restrictions and they allow recurring billing, multi-currency conversion, free-trial processing and getting your account is easy. Regardless of whether you deal in adult toys, adult DVDs or an adult content website, we have the best credit card processing solution for your business. Enjoy ultimate benefits with our adult merchant accounts

We have been offering merchant accounts to high risk businesses for many years. We have a large network of trusted offshore processing banks. Once you contact us, we will match you with the best acquiring bank.

Among the benefits of getting your adult merchant account with us include the following:
• Fast and easy application process
• Access to virtual terminal
• Timely payouts
• Excellent customer support
• No monthly volume limit
• Secure payment gateway
• Multiple currency conversion

Our accounts are designed to cater for the needs of businesses in the adult industry. We ensure that you are able to process credit card payments within a week after contacting us.

Reach your business potential with ease

Our adult merchant accounts will enable you to sell your adult toys, adult DVD’s or adult content globally. This way, you will be able to drive sales higher and increase revenue. Since we do not have monthly limits, you do not have to worry about how you will process high volumes of sales. With our adult merchant account, you can concentrate on marketing your brand and products without worrying about payment processing. Our adult merchant account enables you to accept payments in different currencies including the Euro, British pound and U.S dollar and get payouts in domestic currency.

Contact us today to learn more about our adult merchant accounts!