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Travel / Airline Tickets Merchant Accounts

Travel / Airline Tickets merchant accounts enable travel businesses to accept credit card payments in multiple currencies. Travel businesses merchant accounts are not easy to find. This is because many underwriters and banks consider travel or air ticket businesses as high risk ventures. This is because there is a delay from when a customer books accommodations or air tickets when they travel.

Some customers believe that by changing travel plans within this duration, they have the right to ask for a refund. Some unscrupulous travelers can even try to process chargebacks. Additionally, underwriters and banks also consider travel purchases as high-value transactions and this adds to the risk taken by the processing or acquiring banks. All these factors make it hard for travel/ airline ticket businesses to get merchant accounts.

We have the best merchant accounts for travel / airline tickets businesses

We know that people travel every day and your goal when venturing into this business was to realize maximum returns from your investment. As such, we do not want you to waste more time trying to get a merchant account for your travel/airline tickets business. We offer you the best credit card processing solution at an affordable rate.

We have established a strong relationship with a large network of offshore or acquiring banks. This enables us to offer merchant accounts to all travel or airline ticket businesses. With us, be confident that you will get a merchant account that will meet the special needs of your travel or airline business. While applying for your merchant account, you will provide us with some information that will enable us to match you with the right acquiring bank.

Reliable payouts and fast approval

Applying for your travel/airline tickets merchant account is easy. Once you provide us with the information that we ask for, it will take your business less than a week to start processing credit card payments. We work even with startup travel or air tickets merchants. However, if you have a processing history getting a merchant account with us becomes easier. You can receive your payout on weekly or daily basis depending on the processing history of your business.

Merchant accounts that meets the needs of your travel or airline business

Our merchant accounts are designed to suit the needs of your travel or airline tickets business. You can get a merchant account with us if you are in the following businesses:
* Travel agency
* Hotel reservations
* Vacation rentals
* Travel booking
* Time-share related business

Contact us today for more information on our travel/ airline tickets merchant accounts.