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E-Cigarettes Merchant Accounts

E-cigarettes businesses are considered by most underwriters and banks as high risk ventures. This makes it hard for merchants to get e-cigarettes merchant accounts. When compared to traditional cigarettes, health hazard of e-cigarettes are relatively fewer. However, e-cigs have legal age restrictions.

The risk profile of the e-cigarettes industry is expanded further by deceptive marketing and high ratios of chargeback. All these factors make it difficult for e-cigarette merchants to get merchant accounts for their businesses.

We can get you started with ease

We have been offering merchant accounts to high risk businesses for many years. Our goal is to offer you the best, long term and stable solution that will enable your e-cigarettes business to accept and easily process debit/credit cards. We have a network of offshore or acquiring banks that enables us to offer you the best merchant account at the most affordable rates.

Our e-cigarettes merchant accounts come with fewer restrictions and they are designed to enable your online business to grow. We have made it our responsibility to help your business to succeed. We will provide you with a cost-effective merchant account that will allow your business to accept all credit cards.

It does not matter how many banks you have approached without getting a merchant account that suits your business needs. We are proud to offer you the best solution that your business needs to realize its maximum potential.

Fees of our e-cigarettes merchant accounts

We charge affordable and competitive fees for our merchant accounts. You can get a free quote for your merchant account any time. However, we might be unable to give you the final quote until your matching offshore bank finishes the process of underwriting. This is because we have a network of offshore banking partners from whom we choose the matching bank for you.

Your merchant account fee will be determined by several factors including the following:
Strength of your application
Chargeback ration
Processing history

These factors will also determine your payout schedule. You can choose a weekly or daily payout schedule. Our experts are always ready to help you with your e-cigarettes merchant account. We will match you with one of our acquiring banking partners within the least time possible. Whether you sell e-cig kits, chargers, juices and other items related to e-cig, we have the best merchant account for you.

Contact us today for more details about our e-cigarettes merchant account!