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Seminars / Education Merchant Accounts

Seminars / education merchant accounts are suitable for businesses that host educational events such as real estate seminars and stock trading seminars. However, due to the high chargeback ratio that is associated with seminars or education businesses, underwriters and banks consider this venture as high risk.

This can be attributed to several factors:
Traditional providers of merchant services and banks do not like inconsistency cycles of revenue that is associated with this business
High chargeback rate involved increases the risk taken by underwriters and banks
Flexible business model also increases risk

Thus, getting a merchant account becomes difficult for companies that offer seminars and educational services. However, we understand your business needs if you are in the seminars or education sector and we are here to help you.

Merchant account designed for your seminars/ education business

To achieve the returns that you desire from your seminar/ education business, you need a merchant account that caters for all your business needs. That is what we offer you. Our seminar/ education business merchant account is designed to enable your business to increase its revenue. Using this account, you will be able to process multiple card payments. You will also be able to accept payments in different currencies.

This implies that once you have a merchant account with us, you can concentrate on marketing your real estate seminars and stock trading seminars without worrying about your ability to process payments. Our merchant accounts do not have monthly volume limits. Therefore, you can promote your services as much as you can because our accounts make processing payments easier.

Easy application and multiple gateways

Applying for our seminars or educational services merchant accounts is easy. Our experts are always available to help you in securing a merchant account that suits the needs of your business. In addition, our underwriting policy is straightforward and it helps you in saving time. If we cannot work with the model of your business, then we will not accept your application.

We also provide access to your merchant account via multiple gateways. This ensures that all your technological needs are accommodated by the merchant account that we offer you. Our merchant account for seminars and educational businesses works with almost all shopping software or carts. We do not charge application fees and our rates are highly competitive. Our goal is to help you run your business with ease while maximizing returns from your investment in real estate seminars and the stock trading seminars business.

Contact us today for more information about our seminars/education business merchant accounts!