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High Volume Businesses Merchant Accounts

High volume businesses merchant accounts cater for the credit card processing needs of businesses that process large quantities of credit/debit card payments at a go. They are also suitable for businesses that process a high number of credit card transactions on a recurring basis. Although it is true that a high volume of sales translates to high profits, the risk associated with these transactions is also high. As such, many underwriters and banks categorize high volume merchants as high risks. For this reason, many high volume businesses have difficulties in getting merchant accounts.

Our merchant accounts are the best solution for high volume businesses

If you run a high volume business and your local bank has declined your application for a merchant account, just talk to us. We offer the best credit card processing solutions to high volume merchants. Our high volume merchant enables you to process payment via different debit and credit cards.

Among the features of our high volume business merchant accounts include the following:
* High processing speed
* Real-time reporting
* Pre-authorization processing
* 24/7 technical support and customer service
* Multiple credit cards processing
* Multiple currencies payments

Our merchant accounts are ideal for multi-location and multi-lane businesses that run recurring billing. If you run private franchises, a large retail store or even a medical facility, you can benefit from our high volume business merchant account.

Expand your business with ease

As a new ecommerce vendor, your business might be experiencing rapidly growing sales. You may be faced with the challenge of expanding your business but your bank has volume restrictions. Such a bank might be suitable for your personal banking but unsuitable for your business. We have a network of reliable acquiring banks or processors from whom you can choose a partner that accepts your high and increasing volume. The processor that we match you with accepts the liability that comes with your business such as chargebacks. Unlike banks that consider your business as high risk, we take you as a valuable partner. Thus, we help you in expanding your business without having to worry about the challenges that come with handling high volumes.

Reliable and efficient credit card processing solutions

We have been offering credit card processing solutions to a wide range of merchants that underwriters and banks consider as high risk businesses due to their high monthly volumes. This is made possible by our reliable and efficient offshore and domestic banking partners.

Talk to us today for more details about our high volume businesses merchant accounts!