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Infomercials Merchant Accounts

Underwriters and banks categorize infomercials as high risk businesses. This is because the infomercial industry is like the inbound telemarketing sector. The selling strategy used in this industry pushes customers to a sale with higher customer complaints. There are also infomercials that have recurring billing sales where customers are charged on monthly basis.

Another selling method that put infomercial merchants in the category of high risk merchants is up selling. This tactic also creates customer complaints that are higher than normal leading to more chargebacks and bank reversals. For this reasons, many infomercials merchants make sales using high risk merchant accounts only.

The ideal infomercials merchant account for you

Our infomercials merchant accounts are designed to suit your high risk infomercial business. We offer you a merchant account that makes it easier for your customers to pay using any debit or credit card. For many years, we have offered the best credit card payment processing solutions to high rick merchants. This is made possible by our large network of dependable offshore banking partners.

Features of our infomercials merchant accounts include the following:
Online help and information available 24/7
No volume restrictions
Accept multiple currencies and credit cards
Virtual terminals and reliable payment gateways

Our infomercials merchant account will enable you to maximize the profit of your business. We provide you with a stable and reputable solution that your business needs to achieve its potential. Whether you deal with local or international customers, we have the best merchant account for your infomercials business.

Fast approval and efficient payment processing solution

We know that you want to concentrate on running your business so that you can realize the best returns from your investment. As such, once we receive your application for an infomercials merchant account, we review it quickly and match you with the best acquiring bank. We assure you that you will start processing credit card payments in one or two weeks after applying for your merchant account with us.

A merchant account will enable your infomercials business to keep cash flowing because it will connect you with an efficient and reliable payment processor. We offer merchant accounts to all types of infomercials businesses. Once you have an infomercials merchant account with us, we guarantee you that you will be able to grow and expand your business without worrying about the interruption that might arise from inefficient payment processing or cash flow.

Apply for your infomercials merchant account now!