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Nutraceuticals/Supplements Merchant Accounts

Nutraceuticals/supplements merchant accounts are not easy to get because according to some banks and underwriters, the nutraceutical business is a high risk venture. This can be attributed to continuity billing and high chargebacks in this business. Even some acquiring banks that offer credit card processing solutions to nutraceuticals/supplements merchants do not provide services that suit the needs of their business models.

Nevertheless, we are glad to offer you the best credit card processing solution for your supplements business. Over the years, we have established a large network with the best acquiring or offshore banks. This enables us to offer the best solution to high risk merchants whose requests are rejected by most underwriters and banks.

Benefits of our nutraceuticals/supplements merchant accounts

Our Nutraceuticals/supplements merchant account enables you to expand and grow your business to the level that you have always desired. Here are some of key benefits of our nutraceuticals/supplements merchant accounts:
Numerous acquiring banks to choose from
Stable and reliable offshore partners
Fast processing and incredible uptime
Multiple currencies
Trial offer
Virtual terminal for processing mail order, telephone and internet orders transactions

We know that your nutraceuticals website offers continuity and recurring offers because customers will always purchase these products on regular basis so that they can realize the intended benefits of the products. If you run a continuity program, on-time sales or trial offer, we have the best merchant account for you.

Merchant accounts for a wide range of nutraceuticals/supplements

Nutraceuticals or nutra products are designed for people who want to achieve certain health or beauty goals with natural alternatives. We offer merchant accounts for businesses that deal in a wide range of nutraceuticals.

These include:
* Weight loss supplements
* Herbal supplements
* Sexual enhancement supplements
* Anti-aging supplements

Our nutraceuticals/supplements merchant accounts have no volume restrictions. With few trading restrictions, you will be able to run your supplements business and achieve your set goals with ease.

Fast and affordable nutraceuticals/supplements merchant accounts

The application process for our merchant account is speedy. Our account managers will take the least time possible to check your business to ensure its legitimacy. This includes reviewing your processing history and other information that you will be required to provide us with.

We focus on providing you with a fast, reliable and affordable solution with our nutraceuticals/supplements merchant account. We also offer you continuous expert guidance and advice to enable you to reduce chargebacks and to prevent fraud.

Contact us now for more information on our nutraceuticals/supplements merchant accounts!