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Direct Response Merchant Accounts

Direct response merchants have difficult times when it comes to getting merchant accounts. This is because most underwriters and banks do not like direct response businesses due to the high risk involved. Among the factors that make direct response merchants a high risk business include the following:
* High processing figures volume
* Card-not-present method
* High chargebacks ratio

For this reason, MasterCard and Visa label the direct response industry as high risk and many processors are unable or unwilling to offer credit/debit card processing solutions. Some of the banks and underwriters that offer credit card processing services are likely to offer unfavorable terms for your business.

The best merchant account for your direct response business

Over the years, we have been offering merchant accounts to high risk merchants. We offer highly dependable payment processing solutions at reasonable prices. Whether you are an experienced merchant or a startup, our payment processing solutions will cover you.
We understand your direct response business and its risks as well as factors that affect it. Whether you operate locally or internationally, we can offer you an ideal merchant account for your direct response business. We have been in the industry for many years. Our large network of acquiring banking partners enables us to offer the best payment processing solution to any high risk merchant.

Benefits of our direct response merchant account

To achieve maximum returns from your business, you need a reliable, affordable and safe merchant account. We offer you a merchant account that will enable your business to achieve its ultimate potential.

Among the benefits of our direct response merchant accounts include the following:
* Fast approvals
* Affordable rates
* Straightforward set-up steps
* Secure processing
* Multi-currency settlement and processing
* Virtual terminal
* Reliable and fast payouts
* Expert support

We understand your needs when looking for a merchant account for your direct response business. Among the major factors that you consider include the payout schedule and payment processing rate. Our prices are set on the basis of each case after reviewing the paperwork of every individual applicant.

Factors that may influence the pricing decision include your processing history and volume, geographical location, decline rates and chargeback rate. Your application will also determine the schedule of your payout. However, you can have a daily or weekly payout schedule but you are assured that you will receive your funds on time.

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